PHOTO CREATIVE has marked the 30th anniversary since its independence from Hakuhodo.
We have been working hard to explore the potential of photographs and images by sincerely facing subjects.
We have now installed a new studio to aim for even greater heights.
PHOTO CREATIVE strives to send photographs and images which will move and excite people all around the world by putting "amazing" into people, techniques, and creativeness.


There is a saying that you do not guard tradition but that you create tradition by continuing to create.
An unrivaled group of cameramen, the best in their field, has been specializing at the highest level of their expertise, improving techniques, and sharpening sensitivity.
Over the course of a long time, we have attained our spirits by tackling works ordered by customers carefully and sincerely.
In order for us to take photographs through which we gain the trust of customers and have organizational strength, our know-how and determination are required.


"REMBRANDT" is a Dutch painter in the 17th century.
He is called the “Painter of light and shadows” and his technique has been utilized in the world of photographs and movies as "REMBRANDT lighting".
"REMBRANDT" - image processing group in the 21st century
We produce results by integrating photographer's perspective and retouching creativeness at the highest level, and freely changing not only graphics but also image expressions using our sensibility and technique. These results have been utilized in the world transcending the scope of advertisement.


We are the best producer group specializing in graphic production in the Hakuhodo group.
To produce high quality creativeness that exceeds the expectations of our clients, we will strive to be a producer not only with expert knowledge, careers, and techniques but also with personal magnetism.